Do Teen Panch - 2 3 5 Plus

Do Teen Panch - 2 3 5 Plus

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Card | 14.8MB | Update: 2018-11-24 | Version: 2.8 | Requires: Android4.0 or later

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It has to be noticed that 20,000+ users downloaded 2–3–5 latest version on 9Apps for free every week! Once you've used it, you'll be attracted. This hot app was released on 2018-11-24. You can find more interesting apps at 9Apps!
Play 2 3 5 Card Game with 3 Players against simulated opponents playing with high-level artificial intelligence.
"3-2-5" or "2-3-5" is very similar to bridge, except that there are three players instead of four, and all play individually. There are a total of 3+2+5 = 10 possible tricks. On each trick, the highest of the led suit wins unless it is trumped or 7s of Hearts/Spades.
Do Teen Panch has never-before-seen features making your card game play super easy and your 235 or 325 game that much more enjoyable.
- How To Play 3 2 5 -
*Each player becomes the dealer one by one.
*The dealer has to make 2 tricks, the next person (who chooses the trump) 5, and the third 3.
*Dealing the Cards - first distribute a set of 5 cards to each, as a single block of 5. The first person dealt to chooses the trump suit. Then the cards are dealt as another block of 5 to each player.
*First lead is by the player setting the trump, subsequent ones are by the one who wins the trick.
*The 7 of Hearts and 7 of Spades are highest trumps - the order does go 7 of Hearts, 7 of Spades, Ace of Trumps, and so on down.
*In the end if someone makes more than what is required of him (like the dealer makes 4 instead of 2), then he can 'pick' a card each for the extra tricks in the next round. i.e. if player 1 (the dealer) makes 4 and player 2 makes 2 (instead of 3) and player 3 makes 4 (instead of 5), then player 1 has the option of pulling one card each from the cards of player 2 and player 3 in the next round. In return, he can give back any of his unwanted (usually small) cards.
*RESUME :- Do not hesitate to close game at any point. We will save game for you and resume it on next instance.
*UNDO :- Made any mistake? No worry, Now you can undo steps up to the start of the round.
*REMAINING CARDS :- Forgot which cards are discarded? Take a look in remaining cards tab and figure out which cards are remain.
*TRICK HISTORY :- If you want to know which past trick won by which user and which cards were thrown to that trick, for that this feature will help you.
-Create Custom/Private Tables with custom boot amount.
-You will get Free Coins Continuously while playing.
-Here you will experience amazing Sound quality and Eye catching User Interface.
-Come back everyday and get Free Coins as Daily Bonus.
-You can also Get Free Coins(Reward) by watching Rewarded Video.
-You can compete with other player around the world for getting first position on Leaderboard, Play Center Leaderboard will help you to find your position.
-For playing game you don't required Internet connection as you are playing with Computer Players(Bot).
- Easy to learn, smooth game play, card animations for a more realistic game experience.
- Opponents endowed with advanced AI.
- Statistics on games played.
- Game rules included in the application.
Do you have questions about the game? Contact:
Have fun!

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-fixed crashes and other minor bugs.

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